I'd Rather be Grilling!
Corporate and Charity Golf Outings
corporate gifts that PERFECTLY meet the needs of our customers
I’d Rather be Grilling!’s golf-related grilling
products are an excellent gift choice for any
type of golf event. No matter the size or
location of your outing, the upscale quality of
our product line which includes our golfer’s
grilling cookbook, custom-blended grill rubs in
golf ball shaped tins and a fabulous “golf &
grill” gift bucket is certain to impress any

The advantages our products have over other
status quo golf gifts are as follows:
  • Unique
    We offer unique alternatives to a sleeve
    of balls, a divot replacer or a golf shirt.
    You won't find our products or anything
    like them in a catalog. Our gifts center
    around two of America's favorite
    pastimes - golfing & grilling.
  • Practical
    Our products are the perfect choice for
    personalized gifts since they are designed
    to endure and be treasured. Typical tee
    prizes are used and forgotten. Books and
    particularly cookbooks are handed down
    from generation to generation. If you're
    going to put your logo on a product,
    make sure it's something that will last.
  • Top Quality
    I'd Rather be Grilling! meticulously
    ensures that the quality and presentation
    of each of its gifts is stellar as if each gift
    were being sent directly to Tiger Woods.
  • Not just for golfers
    Many players in corporate or charity golf
    outings are not avid golfers. Most people
    participate in corporate outings for the
    business aspect of golf, not for the love
    of the game. Our gifts are certain to be a
    big hit with men, women, golfers, wanna
    be golfers and non-golfers alike. Who
    doesn't enjoy a good barbecue?
Personalize It!
We are happy to assist you in adding a personal
touch, representing your own identity partnered
with our products. Please inquire about our
personalization options. Some options include:
  • your logo on a custom label inside cookbook
  • your logo embroidered on grill mitt or apron
    for gift bucket
  • your logo printed on cookbook cover
(minimum order 2,000)
Customize It!
There are many ways in which we can incorporate
your products or something from your industry into
one of our gifts. A few custom gift ideas include:
  • golf course adding personalized golf tees or
    balls to the Eagle BBQ in a Box
  • casino adding poker chips to the Birdie Bag of
    Golf Ball Grill Rubs
  • company adding a gift certificate for Omaha
    Steaks to the Hole-in-One Gift Bucket
Please inquire
about our
ranging from
10% to 60%
depending on
the product
and quantity
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I'd Rather be Grilling!'s
unique yet practical gifts
are appropriate for a
wide range of events
and occasions:

corporate & charity golf

sales meetings

employee training

corporate board

customer appreciation

amenity gifts

player development gifts

realtor closing gifts

pillow gifts

holiday gifts
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