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Cubicle to Couch: a grilling business

When I recently asked folks to share their stories of leaving the corporate world to work from home—or going from cubicle to couch— the response was overwhelming. Some people left their jobs out of boredom and others realized there was more to life than a long commute and endless hours.

Grilling and golf or a less-than-challenging job? Tough choice

Grilling and golf beats a boring job every time

Michelle Mobley, who spent nearly a decade in the political risk and kidnap & ransom consulting field, surprised her friends and colleagues when she unshackled her golden handcuffs and left the corporate world. That was more than 10 years ago when her first child was born.

While being a stay-at-home mom was challenging, Michelle said that she knew she’d be back in some aspect of business. She was right, and five years ago she and her husband published a golfer’s cookbook, “I’d Rather be Grilling!”, based on their passion for golf and their interest in cooking and entertaining. Their book was an immediate success and inspired them to develop their current line of products for golfers who like to grill.

They sell their products—golf-inspired grilling merchandise and customizable gift sets—to some of the most prestigious golf resorts, casinos and corporations throughout the country. Since their business is mainly Internet-based, Michelle can attend every soccer game, gymnastics meet and school function without any guilt, conflicts or commute.

I’d rather be grilling too.

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