Clint dude, your rubs are the bomb, man I am truly picky when it
comes to grill rubs and yours are by far some of the best I’ve
had, top quality. I’ll be ordering more as soon as I run out.
Thanks John C

Hi Clint,
I purchased your hole in one bucket for my father at a show you
did in San Diego and he is hooked on your grill rubs, I don’t
know if you paid attention to my last order but I purchased five
more of the Savory Herbs for my dad, brother and myself.
Thanks and keep making those rubs, Jessica

My man that Chipotle rub is on FIRE, love it can’t wait to try the

Dude first of all I can’t believe you actually made these rubs but
I got to tell you I’ve tried your Sweet Ginger Garlic on chicken
and shrimp, WOW dude great flavor.

Being from Hawaii ginger a big spice there and I love your
Sweet Ginger Garlic rub, I’ve used it on turkey and chicken.

Hi Clint,
My husband I love your grill rubs can’t wait ‘til it’s warm enough
to start grilling.
Single Rubs
Birdie Bag of Rubs