I'd Rather be Grilling!
Wholesale Inquiries
We would be pleased to assist you in adding a
personal touch, representing your own identity
partnered with our products, and please inquire
about our custom gift by I’d Rather be Grilling!
Personalization options include:
There are many ways in which we can incorporate
your products or something from your industry
into one of our gifts. We are always willing to
think outside of the box to deliver a customized
gift that PERFECTLY meets our customers needs.
A few custom gift ideas include:
  • golf course adding personalized golf tees or
    balls to the Eagle BBQ in a Box
  • casino adding poker chips to the Birdie Bag of
    Golf Ball Grill Rubs
  • company adding a gift certificate for Omaha
    Steaks to the Hole-in-One Gift Bucket
  • your logo on a custom sticker inside cookbook
  • your logo embroidered on grill mitt for gift bucket
  • your logo embroidered on apron for gift bucket
  • your logo printed on cookbook cover (min. order
Your Name:
Company Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Phone Number:
Gift Type:
Event Type:
Interest in
Gift Budget/Item:
Required Delivery Date:
Personalize It!
Customize It!
Please use the email below to inquire about wholesale discounts for orders as small as one dozen items.