About Us
Founded in 2005, I’d Rather be Grilling! is not
just another impersonal promotional products
conglomerate. The company is family-owned
and operated with a small but noteworthy
product line that perfectly meets the needs of
its customers. The company prides itself on
thinking outside the box on behalf of its
customers who range from savvy online
shoppers to some of the most prominent golf
courses, hotels & corporations throughout the
US. In its first year of operations, the company
had the distinction of being selected as a top
supplier for the
National Golf Association’s 2006
Professional Golf Tour. In 2007 the company’s
web-based retail division went international
and has gained widespread recognition,
including a #1 ranking on the
Top 100 Golf

Operated by a highly skilled team of seasoned
professionals with more than 35 years of
combined business experience, I’d Rather be
Grilling! has established itself as a customer-
focused, refreshing alternative to catalog
shopping for status quo promotional products.
The company partners with its customers to
develop unique yet practical corporate gifts for
a wide range of events & occasions including:
corporate & charity golf outings, sales
meetings, employee training, trade shows,
corporate board meetings, customer
appreciation programs, amenity gifts, player
development gifts, pillow gifts, holiday gifts &

The company's founders were inspired to write
their golfer’s cookbook,
“I’d Rather be Grilling!”
by their passion for golf and their interest in
cooking and entertaining. The immediate
success of their
cookbook and the grilling craze
that has swept the country inspired them to
develop their current product line for golfer’s
who like to grill.
I'd Rather be Grilling!
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Sleeve of
mini grill rubs
uniquely fun yet upscale gifts for your griller...