Birdie Bag of
Golf Ball Grill Rubs
This gift is “In the Bag”!
A black mesh driving range
bag containing the perfect
trio of custom-blended grill
rubs in 4 oz. golf ball-shaped
tins. Set includes Spicy
Chipotle, Sweet Ginger Garlic
& Savory Herb.

Retail Price $16
I'd Rather be Grilling!
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Wholesale discounts ranging
from 10% to 30% depending
on quantity ordered
We are happy to personalize this gift for
you by printing your company logo on our
grill rubs labels. (minimum order 2,000)
Savory Herb Grill Rub
Great for fish, chicken
or even a Thanksgiving

Ingredients: rosemary,
tarragon, chives,
onion, celery salt,
paprika, salt, pepper,
garlic, cayenne pepper,
mustard, allspice, bay
Spicy Chipotle Grill Rub
Warning this rub is HOT
and delicious on steaks
and burgers!

Ingredients: chipotle
chile, paprika, garlic,
pepper, cayenne pepper,
cumin, raw sugar
Sweet Ginger Garlic Grill
Amazing flavor for chicken
or pork!

Ingredients: Ginger, garlic,
pepper, salt, brown sugar,
Our custom-blended grill rubs make
every backyard BBQ an instant success!
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